Honey Bee

 Honey bee is a flying insect that has a substance in its body named as genus Apis, a bee clade. They also make their nest or house through the perennial colonial wax. There is a limited number of species around 8 species that are recognized actively, with a total number of 48 subspecies.

Honey bee

As there are many Honey bee, the best Honey bee species is the western honey bee.  Although there are many species of bee, they all are best in their specific field. A honey bee’s egg gets fertilized within three days and then converts into a larva through the honey bee. Then the next procedure starts to produce a new honeybee. Now, let’s know about Raw honey and its Benefits.

Raw honey and its Benefits-

Raw honey is a thick form of honey that usually exists in beehives. Raw honey is a historical remedy for humans. As in the past, people mostly prefer to have raw honey as a great source of medicine. Here are some of the benefits of raw honey such as –

1) Big source of antioxidants Raw honey is rich in plant chemicals as it carries an array as an antioxidant. Sometimes, this also contains antioxidants that sometimes plants, and vegetables have. As it helps in reducing cell damage to our body.

2) Helps in recovering from cold and cough – It helps us recover from cold and cough, as by mixing honey with some ginger juice which helps in throat clearness, and it also helps in removing bacteria from our body.

3) Beneficial for the brain – It helps our nerve system to become strong and effective. It is beneficial for a depressed as well as for a tense person as it also helps in making our memory strong.

In this above paragraph we read about Raw honey and its Benefits, now lets read about some different species of honey bee.

Some different species of Honey bee are as follows: –

1) Micrapis – In this, there are two types of honeybees which are from southern and south-eastern Asia. They are Apis- florea as well as Apis- andreniformis, which are small in size and they make very small nests in trees or shrubs. As A. Florea is more widely distributed and A. andreniformis very aggressively. The first one is completely yellow in color and the second one is in black color.

2) Western Honey bees – Are mostly domesticated. These honeybees are often known as European, western, or common honey bees all over the world. In this, adult bees ate pollen and sweet liquid from flowering plants and stored nectar as well as concentrated on nectar also called honey. 

3) Apis – In this, there are three types of bees that are A. Koschevnikovi, Apis Nigrocincta, and Apis cerana. Basically, these honey bees do not live in tropical evergreen forests. In this, A. koschevnikovi is also known as a “red bee of Sabah” as they are pale reddish in Sabah state as well as in Malaysia. Although they are coppery colors in Sumatra as well as Indonesia.

4) Apis Nigrocincta – In this, are a cavity-nesting species that also have bees with rust-colored legs as well as spaces and also have reddish-tan hair mostly all over the body.

5) Apis cerana – It is also known as an eastern species, which is located in the southern, and eastern as well as an Indian species. It is a domesticated honey bee that mostly prefers to stay in its hives.

 How do Honey bees make honey?

Firstly, honey bees consume nectar from flowering- plants. This is the main ingredient for the honey bee to make honey, through which they suck up the nectar droplets through the substance of the flower which is often called nectary.Honey bee

Then a process is there which is called inversion as in this when nectar reaches a honey bee stomach then it converts into complex sugar substances. Then a worker honey bee returns to a colony, then it may pass the nectar to another bee also known as the house- bee and this could be done within 7 to 12 days.

After this, they take the nectar in the colony and store it in a hexagon-shaped beeswax honey cell. Once, this nectar gets stored then they dry it up to make honey and give it a warm shield through their wings. After this, once the honey dries up they may put a lid on honey cells of fresh beeswax which is a kind of little honey jar.

 Types of Honey bee: –

Lets, talk about Types of  Honey bee. There are three types of adult bees such as workers, drones, and a queen and some details on them are –

1) Worker honeybee – it is a female Honey bee that is unable to reproduce. Their main work is to collect nectar from flowering plants as well as they have to look after a queen, housekeepers as well as larvae, etc. they mostly do all the work inside and out in their hives.

2) Drone bees – they are male bees which are mainly used for mating with the queen. As they do not reproduce, do not collect nectar, do not work on anything, etc. they are kept in the hives just for mating with the queen. Also, worker bees kept in touch with them in order to fix a mating with the new queen.  

3) A queen bee – queen Honey bee means mother of all the bees. Her main work is to reproduce eggs and fertilize larvae, she does not work on anything as she is kept in the hive only and other housekeeping bees or worker bees are used to feed her. As all types of species and through this, she chooses different types of species and through mating with drones, she can reproduce. This is the biggest thing in the bees colony, therefore she is known as the queen of their hives.

Honey or Honey bee is as beneficial for health as neither anything else as this helps us to overcome any type of disease and also makes our body fit and fine.

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