Benefits of honey with hot water

Benefits of honey with hot water

There are multiple Benefits of honey with hot water. Benefits like weight loss, improves digestive system, keeps blood hydrated, strengthens immune system, maintains life, helps in clearance of skin, makes skin glow, reduces inflammation, fights cough and throat infection, soothes allergies, etc.

Honey is the wholesome version of the amazing flavour, which can be enjoyed whole year.
The drink is mild and invigorating. Using natural ingredients make this drink a delicious way
of getting vitamins, while replenishing your with water.

Health benefits of consuming honey

How and when to consume honey with hot water?

1. Consume it in the morning empty stomach
2. Take glass full of warm water and add only a spoonful of honey to it.
3. Try using organic honey.
4. Add the juice of half lemon.
5. Try not to add any other sweetness to it like sugar for taste.

Do You Know Health benefits of consuming honey?

There are many Health benefits of consuming honey

● Honey can soothe throat and calm you with the cough:

Many Health benefits of consuming honey like honey can fight the cough especially for the children. If your child consume honey mixed with hot water before going to bed, will have good sleep. Honey reduce the symptoms of cough in children if consumed regularly for some days.

● Honey helps in healing:

Health benefits of consuming honey- It is the age-old practice of using honey to treat wounds and ailments, concluding that the antibacterial properties of honey make it effective against infection, and promote healing.

● It is the good source of antioxidants:

Health benefits of consuming honey- Honey is full of nutrition that have antioxidant properties. Honey contains high amounts of antioxidants like phenolic acids and flavonoids, which keep cells healthy and protects from someforms of cell damage. Overall, honey has been long used as medicine for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Multiple studies show that there is some truth to the health claims of
honey as a food and medicine.

● Honey helps loose weight:

Health benefits of consuming honey- Adding lemon water to honey helps in weight loss. Drinking this beverage before meals fills you up with nutrient-rich water, encouraging you to eat less. Alternatively, it is a healthier replacement for sugary juices and other drinks.

● Helps clear skin:

Health benefits of consuming honey- While there are claims that honey contains antibacterial properties that may clear skin but drinking it, will not give you its full effects. Instead, drinking honey lemon water to get nutrients, water, and  fiber into your body, which in turn would promote clearer skin.

● Hydrates your body:

Essentially water with a sweet and fruity note, is easier to drink. This Increases your water absorption, along with essential vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy and body hydrated.

● Makes the immune system healthy:

The lemon and the honey mixed together forms a powerful drink that boosts your immune system as well as encourages cell regeneration, and tissue health to fight off illnesses.

● Helps digestion:

Too full stomach after eating? A glass of lemon water with honey can speed up your digestion, making you feel less bloated while allowing your body to absorb the nutrients it need.

Health benefits of consuming honey

Best honey to consume-

If you are searching for organic and natural honey then you must go with Rantrove honey.
Try it once and you would definitely love it. There are 5 types of Rantrove honey and they are as follows:

1. Multiflora honey :

Himalayan multiflora Honey is collected by bees from pollution free deep forest area of Uttarakhand having multiple flora sources, including herbs and medicinal plants.

2. Sidr honey :

Sidr Honey is collected by bees from the areas rich in wild Jujube or bar plantation. It has some unique Nutritional & Medicinal properties and benefits of Sidr honey is often comparable with Manuka Honey.

3. Jamun honey :

Jamun Honey is collected by Bees From the area rich in Jamun plantation. The Flowering Season of Jamun honey is May – June. It can be used for medicinal purpose for various health benefit.

4. Kashmir saffron honey :

Kashmir Saffron Honey is being collected by the bees from the flower of saffron in Kashmir valley. It is collected by bees in the month of October. Saffron Honey is expensive because it is collected in very small quantity. Saffron is not infused in honey but it is naturally collected by the bees from saffron flowers.

5. Neem honey :

Neem Honey is collected by bees from the area rich in Neem plantation. Its Flowering season in April-May. In Ayurveda, Neem Honey is used in many types of diseases as well as for healthy life. It is ideal for medicinal purpose.

Best honey to consume

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Method of collection of honey

1. Our Beehives are located at Natural Locations which are free from any pollution as
well as pesticides.
2. We Naturally Extract honey directly from the beehive by Vedic Process.
3. We Extract honey From Superchamber (A special part of beehive which is free from
Larva & Eggs of bees).Only Pure Honey is Stored by bees in it.
4. We Extract Honey when honeybee does their work which means 85% of honey cells
is sealed from Wax by bees honey is stored in cells for future.
5. We don’t give any temperature in honey.
6. We Deliver Natural Single Origin Honey from Nature to your place.

FAQ’S- Benefits of honey with hot water

Q1. Can we consume raw honey?

Yes, you can take raw honey anytime if you need to. It’s very beneficial for your health. It’s
taste is good too.

Q2. When should we consume hot water with honey?

You can consume this beverage anytime, but if you consume it in the morning empty stomach then it’s more beneficial. It’s good during cough also.

Q3. Can we add lemon water to honey?

By adding lemon water to honey makes a tasty mixture of classic flavor. If you want to loose your weight then it’s amazing for you.

Q4. Is it safe to consume honey daily?

Honey is a great source of a number of health benefits such as improved skin health, better
metabolism, hydration and many more. But even though it is natural, it still contains a high
amount of sugar and calories, and that leads to a lot of problems. Therefore, it is best to not
go overboard with honey and consume it in limit.

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