Top 10 Benefits of Raw Honey –

Raw honey is a good medium to take good nutrients per day. Honey has more nutritional value as well as it gives many unbelievable benefits. Raw Honey is a natural form of honey found in beehives. It is a form of honey which is take out from beehive as well as filter by a cotton clothes. And also delivered to customers directly by filled in glass bottle. 

Top 10 Benefits of Raw Honey The honey in glass bottle is same as honey in the Beehive. Raw honey has no preserver, no additives as well as no processing. Raw honey is ideal for eating.

Most of the benefits of Raw Honey comes from its Antioxidants compounds present in Honey.

Benefits of Raw honey:

1. Raw Honey Boost Memory :

Honey is very helpful in boosting memory. The phenolic compounds in honey provide neuroprotection in brain. It protect against chronic cerebral shock like in Alzheimer’s disease. It provide motive effect on memory and also learning process in preventing dementia. Honey enhance memory by increasing the proliferation of neurons in hippocampal region.

2. Boost Immunity :

Honey is considered as a great immunity booster for thousands of years. Immunity boosting capacity of honey comes from its Phytonutrients compounds. Phytonutrients gives honey it’s antioxidant properties as well as anti-aging properties.

3. Heart Problems :

The antioxidant as well as phenols present in honey protect your heart from oxidative stress. These compounds present in honey also reduced the risk of blood clot formation. It increases the blood flow to your heart.

4. Prevent Cancer :

Honey is a rich source of Phytonutrients (Antioxidants and Phenols). Which are very beneficial in preventing cancer as well as treating cancer. Research show that Raw honey is very effective in stopping cancer cells from multiplying.

5. Lower Blood Pressure :

Again the Antioxidant present in honey is also linke to lower blood pressure. It is very beneficial in treating lower blood pressure.

6. Loose Weight :

Honey is fat free, cholestrol free as well as sodium free. It helps to increase body metabolism and also control your Appetite. Honey helps in weight loss.

7. Aphrodisiac food :

Honey is used for centuries as a potent Aphrodisiac food. Honey contains B vitamins, Boron, Potassium chrysin. Other chemicals as well as minerals which leads to healthy sexual life for both men and women. In fact honey  increases the level of nitric oxide in blood. Therefore, chemical released in the blood during penile erection.

8. Digestive Issues :

Honey has been used to treat digestive issues from thousands of years. It is very useful in treating diarrhea as well as ulcers. Honey also protect good bacteria of our intestine. It removes toxins as well as  harmful bacteria from stomach. Honey is very beneficial in digestion and also cures constipation.

9. Reducing Stress :

Honey is very good for reducing stress. Honey contains antioxidants compounds like crysin and gallic acid. These compounds also act as Anti- Depressent. They are capable in reducing stress, depression and also anx Respiratory Diseases.

10. Respiratory Diseases : 

 Raw Honey helps to make your organ healthy. Honey is good for cough and cold reliefs. It makes our respiratory system stronger as well as healthy. It may also reduce airways within the lungs. As well as helps break up mucus that is making it hard for you to breathe.